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This is Diving shop that the most customers who dive in Bali
BALITA INN HOTEL Clean and Cheap hotel is located at center of Kuta. You can walk to Kuta beach.

Short & Long stay in Bali BALI APARTMENT Security,AC,Hot,Bath,Bed,TV,Refrigerator,Closet,Pool.

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Bali Island

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Bali Inter Dive
The largest Diving Shop
as in Bali, and

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Cllean & Pretty,Cheap Resort Hotel. at the heart of Kuta
Balita Inn Hotel

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Amed Beach Resort Hotel
Sunshaine Resort Hotel

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B‚‚Œ‚‰ Inter Dive

Largest Dive shop
<5 Star Certification>

Shops in Bali, the fastest
Diving Fans Only

Speed boat (with WC)
Two owner Speed boat about
30 minute to Nusa Penida

Diving in Bali

Most of the Licensing Shop
The price is
the Lowest price in Bali

If you have cheap rates
than our shop

Please do not hesitate to contactr us

<For Book Diving, Please contact>

TEL: (0361) 722032
TEL: (0361) 758132

FAX: (0361) 758789

The largest facility in Bali. Beside the lowest prices in Bali
First Click Λ Our Price Internet Discount Rate © First Click Gu
International Dive Resort Bali is a shop and as a member of fellow divers, we aim to friendly shops.
Bali Inter Dive is the first dive shop certified PADI 5 Star & IDC dive center in Bali

Carring out lower prices than any dive center in Bali, please feel free to let us know
Discount apply for students. Please do not hesitate to use it !
PADI is the largest diving group in the world.
More than 3 participant? Get discount for group!

We have 2 the fastest diving speed boats with WC for only scuba diving,
They take about 30 minutes to Nusa Penida

This dive center has most diving students certificated PADI courses in Bali
After diving in popullar diving site, Nusa Penida/Lembongan Is using our speed boot,
you have time to go shopping and so on.
You can get PADI gold certification card
at Bali Inter Dive, because
Bali Inter Dive is PADI 5 Star ID Center

No.1 in Bali y Diving in Bali: The instructor (man/woman) usual has been on the register z
No.1 in Bali y Diving in Bali: The largest licensed (PADI C card) is issuing certified shop z
No.1 in Bali

yScuba Diving in Bali: We have the fastest 2 speed diving boats z

Bali Inter Dive is the dive center that usually helds diving tours to Nusa Penida/Lembongan Island in Bali.

It is high probability to see sunfish and manta ray in Bali.
Many participant are inspired with diving in Bali.

Nusa Penida / Lembongan Island is the best visibillity dive in Bali. You can see many large
beautiful corals and school of colourful fish like butterfly fish, manta ray, sunfish,
napolleon fish and sea turtles.This is the best diving site in Bali.
All divers from beginner to advanced diver can enjoy divingin Nusa Penida Island.

Nusa Penida / Lembongan is a the most famous diving site in Bali. If you use a high-speed
diving boat of Bali Inter Dive, you can be back to your hotel around 3:30PM.
So you have enough time to go shopping, marine sports and so on.

¦ But sometime it can be late to be back to your hotel.
So don`t arrange any optional tours after diving.

For the safety intention, we make fun diving tour within 4 - 5 divers per group.
Introductory diving tour of beginner participation is held maximum 2 people per underwater guide.

5 star recognition diving center means an honorable designation that is not like
a palm resort center including 5 star gold. It is issued to dive center
that is inspected the facility and the air compressor facilities.

The largest 5 star Dive Center issue many PADI diving certification cards.
This Dive center has 2 high-speed boats.

For Book Diving, Please contact:

<Click the address below, you can contact us directly>



Ms.Tami (PADI instructor)

Griya Anyar Gg Banteng No.2, Pemogan
#80221 Denpasar Selatan Bali Indonesia

TEL: (0361) 722032 or 758132
FAX: (0361) 762012

<Direct from Overseas TEL & FAX>
TEL: + (62-361) 722032 or 758132
FAX: + (62-361) 762012